Fountain of knowledge: ask Eric a question and if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll eat his tranny.


Eric has been flying since before he was born and is equally at home with helicopters, ic fixed wing, electric 3D and turbines.

One of those pilots who makes it look effortless though he does fly Mode 1 - which is much much easier as the rest of us know!

Below is a complete list of Eric’s extensive toy collection:

Planes: (as you can see this is getting a bit out of hand!)

Graupner Harpoon 2 with Wren Supersport Turbine

CMP Edge 540 with ASP 120 2 stroke

CMP Cap 232 3d with Jen 37

Mini Tigershark with ASP 36

ARC Edge 540 3d electric

ARC Su26 3D electric

Lander F16 EDF

Kyosho F16 (original one but with Lander fan)

Kyosho illusion EDF

Multiplex Dogfighter

JP Sopwith Camel. Electric

Multiplex Twinjet

GWS Corsair. Electric

GWS Herc. Quad electric

Dynaflite Mustang. Irvine 40

Own design F15. Pusher electric

Mercury Magna – converted to RC and electric

Parkzone mini Mustang

Eflight profile ultimate – not built yet



Graupner Bell 230. OS 60

Knight 50. OS hyper.



Koala Bodied HK450

MS composite 3DX


And several picco Z of course.



Multiplex flamingo – in pink!


Sailplanes international Racercs

Half size own design Racercs


And for those with a slightly wider modelling interest:

Garnock Scale tug boat

Kyosho jetstream electric power boat

Kyosho jetski

MS Composite pool sized jet ski

Tamiya Enzo Ferrari

Tamiya Toyota Celica

TC3 Racer touring car

Yokomo MR4 off roader

Thunder tiger Ducati RC motorbike

3Racing F1 car

Kyosho armoured car


Likes: Flying, Flying low and upside down, flying low and fast, generally pushing my luck. Having a laugh with the boys down the field. Confusing Marky and Andy with electrickery mumbo jumbo.

Dislikes: Hangar Queens – they are meant to fly. Avoidable crashes – just ask one of the boys for help.


Other interests: RC anything really. Family, Electrickery. Camping (tent variety only).

Eric S