Seven Bends flying field - from 4th July 2021

1. The entrance road is a shared access with the chicken farm. This road belongs and is maintained by them. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are we to park on either the grass verge or the entrance road at any time. There are 500,000 chickens that have to be fed and the owner's site requires 24 hour access to heavy HGV traffic. Any transgression of this instruction will lead to the offending member having immediate disciplinary procedures against them. 


2. All models, whatever their motive source energy or type, are subject to a noise test before flying. There will be comprehensive instructions for use of the meter and a book to register the results in. This is two fold in that we need to be squeaky clean to all our neighbours in the first year of operation and should the worst occur, we will need as much proof of our ability to adhere to the BMFA noise rules as possible.


3. The new club house will use the same padlock and therefore same key as your existing one. There will be the usual tea and coffee available as before, only now all the mugs and metal teaspoons have been removed and destroyed. They are not Covid compliant. There will now be single use paper cups and single use spoons. Ensure you keep the same until the end of your flying session. Please then dispose of both in the dustbin provided. Please leave the club house in the same condition or better than you found it.


4. The clubhouse has been declared Covid compliant for (4) four people. Please keep your distance inside. Absolutely no dumping of your garage, building shed rubbish in the new clubhouse. If you wish to leave items for other club members, please identify with a label. All other items will be removed.


5. In the front of the club house to the right hand end is a pathway to gain access to the flying field with all your equipment. Please ensure you keep this area open. The first space is to be used for our disabled members only. Our first thoughts are that the pits are to be in front and around the side of the new club house, no further out than the small tree to the right. The car park is more than ample to accommodate 15 cars, if members are considerate in their parking.


6. The take off and landing area is just a very large square area, so the orientation can be changed to the prevailing wind direction. This has one exception and that is ABSOLUTLY NO FLYING OVER THE CLUB HOUSE, PITS OR CAR PARK. This is a very strict NO FLY zone.


7. The flying area has very few restrictions as regards flying, the one area of contention is the area near the main entrance from the Severn Bends road. Again this area is a NO FLY zone. A map will be displayed in the clubhouse to illustrate the NO FLY zones.  


8. The grass has started to fill nicely, but still has a way to go. Please ensure you cause as little damage as possible in its virgin state and it is with regret we have decided to NOT ALLOW turbine flying during this first season. There will be separate instructions issued as and when the grass is capable of resisting the hot effluxes. No vehicles allowed on the grass at any time.


9. The entrance road has a 20 mph speed restriction in place and must not be used as a race track. The access to the main road is straight forward and open, so should not cause any issues entering or leaving. The no left turn instruction onleaving side is for the Articulated lorries, as they are not allowed to go past Pamington village. This may be ignored by our car traffic. 


10. There is no water on site, but we will endeavour to ensure that there is always a container on site. If there is insufficient, the local garage towards Bishops Cleeve has bottled water. They also have the usual sandwiches, crisps, milk and sweets should you wish.


It just leaves your committee to wish you all the best and lots of fun at the new site, but to remind you to be on your best behaviour in these early days. We already have made friends with Pamington residents who use the access track to walk their dogs. So be courteous to all, as you never know who they may be.


Rog Kilbey

Rob Bennett

Simon John       

June 2021