Assistant Events & Social Secretary

One of the most active members of the club, flies whatever whenever possible.

Also runs the club raffle.

(Isn’t actually as daft as the pic would suggest.)

Marky’s enthusiasm for flying knows no bounds. He often has to work on a Saturday but makes up for this by cramming in more flights than the rest of the club combined on a Sunday.

Equally at home with i/c or turbine, Marky has a need for speed and fuels his need as often as possible.

A great guy to go to if you need help: he’ll happily drop his own flying to get another club member’s engine going. (Well, most of the time anyway!)

Update: in March 2014 Marky bought a caravan. Ostensibly to allow him to visit more jet meetings, it is in reality just another thing for him to enjoy T-cutting along with his Merc estate.


Falcon 120 turbine

Eurosport Jetcat 120 turbine


2 Funjets

Voodoo electric hotliner type glider

YT Voodoo with OS 120

Fast forward

Magnum r

Little Toni

Sonic 500

Kelly pylon racer West 50



Aquila motor glider



Joker pattern ship

Chuck glider

Tornado glider

Blade shocky

Phase 6 glider




Working in nice (flyable) weather

Mark Littlewood