Club Treasurer

BMFA examiner

AKA The Master. Must have nursed a couple of hundred new members through their early flying days.

Collects kits & hides them in his attic until he forgets about them.

Rob spends a considerable amount of his time down at the field coaching beginners via a buddy box and passing out useful advice and tips. In between he is either flying some petrol aerobatic monster, his Funjet or his Boomerang Intro turbine.

His latest pride and joy is a second turbine F16 complete with some very sexy synchronized gear doors. This had its maiden flight on 14th July 2012 at the JMA meeting, Long Marston airfield. Rob reported that it was not short of power (the Jetcat P100 providing greater than 1-1 power to weight ratio) and flew beautifully though there were a few small issues that still needed sorting.

Rob is one of the team who ensure that the strip is beautifully maintained, rolled, styled, coloured and manicured.

Sunday 16th February 2014: Congrats to Rob on a successful maiden flight of his own-design “Boomerang 2” at Wroughton airfield!

Rob slaved away at this project for about a year and - after one of the wettest winters on record - the sun came out, the wind died down and he was able to put in two good flights of the beast in its unpainted state. He said it was certainly more slippery than the original twin-boom aircraft but slowed up just as well for landing.

Rob Bennett