Turbine flying - local rules

In the club meeting on Wednesday 8th October 2023, a proposal was made to allow turbine flying at Seven Bends on a daily basis for a trial period. The motion was passed but some concerns were raised.

The situation will be carefully monitored, particularly with regard to the effect on the grass.

Please observe these rules when flying fixed wing turbine aircraft, in addition to those in the standard club rules:

1) Do NOT perform full-power run-ups on the main strip. These need to be done in less critical areas, such as close to the hedges.

2) Rolling take-offs are preferable to holding the model on the brakes and applying full power.

3) Keep rolling after touchdown, rather than braking then applying thrust to taxi.

4) If your model has a low-slung turbine and/or the turbine efflux is directed towards the ground, consider shutting the motor down after touchdown rather than taxiing off the strip.

You are expected to make every endeavour possible to minimise grass damage. Failure to do so may result in your model being excluded from the field.